Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The length of day and night on Arrakis at the poles were not explained clearly in the novels by Frank Herbert. The sandtrout that survived this event would then coalesce and complete the metamorphosis into a young sandworm. As most of humanity had gone out into The Scattering, the returning Honored Matres 1500 years later, caused the most fear about Rakis. The Sandworm was the predominate lifeform on Arrakis, both honored and feared; vital and deadly.

Held in an artificial environment on Chapterhouse, the secret and temporary base of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, this worm would have been the key to re-seeding its population. However, their efforts did not totally succeed, and the Bene Gesserit managed to escape with a ghola of Duncan Idaho, Sheeana, their leader Darwi Odrade, and a single sandworm to Chapterhouse. Within Fremen culture the sandworm had several additional names, notably The Maker and Shai-Hulud, which variously meant Old Man of the Desert, Old Father Eternity, or Grandfather of the Desert. Ultimately however, the new ecology was dangerous to the giant sandworms, and they all but became extinct under Leto II's rule. As a result, Elrood sent his Imperial Planetologist Pardot Kynes to analyze the planet's ecosystem. The longevity of the sandworm was supposedly extreme, estimated in the thousands of years. The northern pole of the planet sat on a large plate of bedrock, and was ringed by mountain ranges. By anyone's standards, Sandworms could grow to an enormous size. House Atreides went into hiding, but after seeking refuge with the Fremen, they quickly became their leaders through their inherent ability to command loyalty, and through their promise that Kynes' vision would be realised through their rule.
With this, the name Fremen spread to Arrakis' whole population. Arrakis was known to the Old Empire, which dispatched a team of scientists shortly before its fall. Water that entered a sandworm's body would act as catalyst to accelerate its metabolism to the point that it became unstable and its life support failed. Shrubs and bushes, including camel sage, onion grass, gobi feather grass, wild alfalfa, burrow Bush, sand verbena, evening primrose, incense bush, smoke tree, creosote bush. Many things commonly associated with Arrakis are surrounded in myth and mystery, and the sandworms are no exception.

Eventually, Mother Commander Murbella of the combined Gesserit/Matres group, The New Sisterhood, was able to pay for starships and other off-world materials with the melange that the worms produced. Later Zensunni settled on Arrakis, maybe as part of their exodus, to flee the Titans and their robotic armies. The discovery of the Spice Melange noticeably increased the Arrakis's importance, until by the time of Paul Atreides it had become a critical component in the Corrino Empire. "Bight in the Cliff, Bledan, Broken Land, Celimyn, Cielago Depression, Clam, Cliff of Hades, Deep desert,Extinct Volcanoes, False Wall East, False Wall West,False Wall South, Funeral Plain, giant salt pan, Great Bled, Great Erg, Great Flat, Great shield, Grose Valen, Gypsum Plain, Habanya Erg, Habbanya ridge,Hagga Basin, Harg Pass, Hobars Gap, Hole-in-the Rock, Ibad Mountains, Imperial Basin, Kedem, The Minor Erg, Miracle Depression, Observatory Mountain,Palm Gardens, Pasty Mesa, Pioneer villages, Plains of Arrakeen, Planting areas, Plaster Basin, Plastic Basin, Polar Sink, Pyort,Red Chasm,the Reef, Rimwall West, Rock Outcroppings,Salinen Depression, Sentinel Rock, Sareer, Shield wall, Siet, the sink, South Mesa, Tahaddi al-burhan, Tanzerouft, Tartaros Depression, Tasmin sink, Tramblisch Range, Tuono Basin, later:The Eyes of Muad'Dib, False Wall, Forbidden Forest,Idaho River ,Lake Azrak ,Kynes Sea ,Last Desert, Mount Idaho, Mount Kynes, Muad'dib's gap" After some 3,500 years of rule, Leto II was assassinated while crossing the Idaho River after the Guardian Wall of the Sareer opened. It served the simple function of armor and was comprised of many scales, each a few feet in size. It is also believed they sifted the sand-plankton for nourishment. Dr. Wellington Yueh cited that specimens "up to 450 meters long" were spotted by observers in the deep desert.
Various weathered mountain ranges stretched across the planet, breaking up the deserts and providing shelter to the limited native lifeforms.

Arrakis also known as "Dune", and later "Rakis" after the fall of God-Emperor Leto II Atreides, was a harsh desert planet located on the far edge of the Old Imperium in the Canopus System. It had turned out that the worms had survived the Matres bombardment forty years earlier, and would thrive again on the world. Sandworms, with the consciousness of Leto II, the Tleilaxu Prophet within them, burst forth from deep underground the planet. During Leto II's reign some smaller sandworms were also removed and shipped off with colonizing vessels during the Scattering.

After Idaho gave Synchrony to the a combined custodianship of Bene Gesserit, Tleilaxu, and Thinking Machine overlordship, the worms still produced spice in a segregated portion of the planet. As long as the scales remained open, the sandworm would not submerge. Fauna By prying open one or more of the scales, the integrity of the armor would be compromised; sand was now free to enter into the sandworms softer insides. After concluding that the planet offered no tangible benefits they were called back due to the unrest being caused by the rise of the Cymeks.

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