Offworld animals were introduced and took root on the planet. JOIN THE EXPEDITION. House Atreides went into hiding, but after seeking refuge with the Fremen quickly became their leaders through their inherent ability to command loyalty and through their promise that Kynes's vision would be realized through their rule. House Harkonnen’s rule of Arrakis was efficient but brutal, seeing the planet’s workforce worked almost to death in the production of spice. She thought not. Arrakis is an unusually small planet, matching almost exactly in size the dimensions of Old Earth’s moon, Luna (diameter: 3,474.2 km, circumference: 10,921 km). Arrakis is the third planet of the star Canopus, located 313.74 ly from the Imperial Capital on Kaitain (310 ly from Old Earth). ( Log Out /  There are other cities scattered in the northern regions of the planet (especially near the ice cap, where water is harvested), as well as the Fremen sietch communities scattered throughout the desert. His body decomposed into sandtrout that absorbed water, eventually re-creating the conditions required for the sandworms to appear. The size of Arrakis is not given in any of the six canonical Dune novels written by Frank Herbert. Makes sense in context. It was orbited by two moons: the first and larger of these bore a formation that looked like a human fist; the second had a formation that resembled a kangaroo mouse. After his successful invasion of Arrakis, the Baron mentions to Nefud that there are 5,000,000 people living on Arrakis. Some architect had reached far back into history for these buttressed walls and dark hangings, she thought. Previous experiments had seen sandworms die shortly after they were transplanted from Arrakis to another world, regardless of how faithful a reproduction of their ecosystem was made. Given a total population of 15,000,000 on a planet as harsh as Arrakis. Press J to jump to the feed. And even with out the dust jacket it's a sexy book. ( Log Out /  Interpretation of around show me unlockables. Vast reserves of water were located deep within the mountains of the planet, as well as within countless sandtrout. In his 1985 short work "The Road to Dune" (published in the short story collection Eye),[11] Frank Herbert described the Grand Palace of Arrakeen (and other sites) during the reign of Paul Atreides: Your walking tour of Arrakis must include this approach across the dunes to the Grand Palace at Arrakeen. Due to the political manoeuvrings of the Landsraad, the Harkonnens have been stripped of their claim to Arrakis. At the end of the war, which lasted ninety-three years, the machine-worshipping cults of humanity had been purged and the old religions of faith and spiritualism (in some cases allied with the always-resilient forces of secularism) had prevailed. This is thought to have occurred approximately 50 million years before the Imperium's creation. The initial exploration and settling of Arrakis was likely done by hardy explorers and hardy miners, working the wastes to find enough of the spice to satisfy the needs of the Guild Navigators. During the reign of Muad'Dib until the ascension of his son Leto II, the Atreides home-base was a colossal megastructure in Arrakeen, designed to intimidate, known as the Keep. La empresa Arrakis, antes de ser adquirida por British Telecom, alcanzó el 15% de cuota de mercado en España, llegando a ser líder de los proveedores de acceso a Internet; superó los 60.000 usuarios, y llegó a facturar 600 millones de pesetas en el año 1997.Llegó a disponer, también, de una plantilla de trabajadores que superó el centenar In Dune, Sietch Tabr is a major Fremen sietch originally led by Naib Stilgar. but it is full of errors (some are due to errors in the original). Aus 'Leitfäden des Muad'dib' von Prinzessin Irulan. 60°N to 70°S and consists almost entirely of sand dunes, with very rare rock outcroppings. This geography, combined with the milder climate, made human habitation at the pole more comfortable and explained the presence of the capital city Arrakeen. Please click for a larger version. A statue of St. Alia Atreides, shown as "The Soother of Pains," stands twenty-two meters tall but is one of the smallest adornments in the hall. Arrakis is mostly covered in desert terrain similar to the Sahara of Old Earth. Arrakis may have been a satellite of a larger body before being catapulted into its current orbit by the same expansion event. Mount Idaho had been completely demolished to provide the raw materials to build the high walls surrounding the Sareer. I took out a lot of decals, because I originally was making this for experimenting so there were layers of decals that were not even visible. Because of the challenging nature of the Canopus system, Arrakis is extremely fortunate to remain habitable. Res high res. Remember, the shield wall is a massive mountain range. "[4] The most notable life forms on the planet are the giant sandworms and their immature forms of sandtrout and sandplankton. Get directions, reviews and information for Arrakis Inc in Englewood, CO. Arrakis Inc 3040 S Vallejo St Englewood CO 80110. [4] The planet has no surface water bodies,[4] but open canals called qanats are used "for carrying irrigation water under controlled conditions" through the desert. Areas for top-left corner my two other. Herbert's first novel in the series, 1965's Dune, is popularly considered one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time,[2] and it is sometimes cited as the best-selling science fiction novel in history. Over several thousand years, Arrakis was transformed into a green and temperate world much more habitable to humans, just as Kynes had hoped. Canopus is an ancient star, a white giant, having already completed its hydrogen burning phase. Arrakis (/əˈrækɪs/)[1]—informally known as Dune and later called Rakis—is a fictional desert planet featured in the Dune series of novels by Frank Herbert. Arrakis as seen from space, art by Christopher Doll. Map Arrakis – Žacléř-Prkenný Důl. The Atreides rule was cut short, however, through a betrayal as part of a conspiracy between Harkonnen and Imperial forces. Also, their history with cultural persecution mandated the need for combat knowledge. The discovery of the spice melange noticeably increased Arrakis's importance, until by the time of Paul Atreides it had become a critical component in the Corrino Empire. The Tyrant Leto II rules the universe from the Citadel, a fortress built in the Last Desert of the Sareer. The planet’s density is considerable, however, meaning that its mass is greater than is normal for a body of its size, giving it a gravitational field only slightly weaker than Galactic Standard at 0.9g. The Matres in particular saw eliminating spice as a way to break the power brokers, the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood and the Tleilaxu (the only remaining users of Spice Melange), who had stayed behind in the Empire. Please sign in to participate in this discussion. The name Arrakis is believed to have come from the Arabic name الراقص ar-rāqiṣ, meaning "the dancer," originally a name for the star Mu Draconis. By this time, the planet had for some years been under the brutal control of Atreides enemies House Harkonnen, who managed spice mining operations on behalf of Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV. Could be relative geoidal height, sea level just a point of reference, other alternatives.. It may also be possible that the name Arrakis derives from the Arabic الرخيص ar-rakhīṣ, meaning "the cheap one" or "the less worthy". We are on a mission that takes fearlessness and resilience to pioneer new science, but we also make enjoying the journey as important as the destination. Other human settlers included the graben population in the urbanized areas. Arrakis became the new seat of power for both the Empire and the religious jihad that Paul unleashed upon the known universe. Also, over long millennia, many names for places had become shortened. The work permeated through the 13,333 worlds of the Landsraad League, the body which for two thousand years had united the disparate worlds of humanity in a very loose confederation of trade and diplomacy. This event caused the loss of much of the atmosphere of Arrakis, allowing most of the oxygen and water to escape into space. Sandworms are immense worm-like creatures with no eyes but keen movement-sensing organs. Leto fell into the river, and his worm-body was destroyed by the water, which was toxic to him. All Imperial cities on Arrakis are in the far-northern latitudes of the planet and protected from the violent weather of Arrakis by a natural formation known as the Shield Wall. Three years later, Paul Atreides, under the Fremen name of Muad'Dib, using Atreides family atomics, created a gap in the Shield Wall that had protected Arrakeen. This was done through the use of the spice melange, which is native only to Arrakis. Herbert described it in The Road to Dune: If you are numbered among "the heartfelt pilgrims," you will cross the last thousand meters of this approach to the Temple of Alia on your knees. Little native life survived on Arrakis, owing to its scorching heat and dry climate. Another possible source for the name Arrakis is the country of Iraq (an Arabic name derived from the ancient Sumerian city-state of Uruk), which is known for its oil resources, and has been involved in several major conflicts as a result. The mass extinction of all of its predators and competitors for food allowed the animal, in a manner somewhat analogous to the evolution of unique faunal forms on isolated Terran islands, to take the evolutionary path that would not only re-oxygenate the Arrakeen atmosphere, but also create the spice melange with all of its immense consequences for humanity.

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