He reminded me of my Dad. aunt Hagatha and Aunt Enchantra convene to test Tabitha's powers in Endora Maurice is the warlock father of Samantha Stephens and is the husband of Endora. Tate is a regular character. It is noted at one point (see episode 8-2) that she was "not even born yet" in the 16th century, as an explanation for why her witchcraft didn't work when she went back to the time of Henry VIII; however, a few episodes later (see episode 8-6) she states that she was there when the cornerstone was laid at the Louvre 900 years previously. Louise Tate (Irene Vernon, and, after Vernon's departure from the show, Kasey Rogers) is Larry's wife and Samantha's closest mortal friend. Maurice was disappointed that Jonathan was not a warlock, but was glad when Samantha said the baby was not hers. He would hang with witches younger than he (or even mortal women), even kissing some. (19 Nov 1964). by Endora who she says travels outside the country most of the time. He sometimes wears old-fashioned suits. The Sandra Gould version was more mean-spirited and very much an antagonist to the Stephenses. great aunt, which means that she is Samantha's aunt. Even though Endora casts countless farcical spells on Darrin, she never attempts to destroy him outright. He did not know she was a witch until she told him after they got married, and tries to dissuade her from using witchcraft as much as possible, preferring to live an ordinary, mortal life. Despite airing only five years after the end of the original series, and being set in the 1970s as were the final seasons of Bewitched, Tabitha is depicted as a 20-something college graduate in the spin-off. She also mentions that her father has a bad temper and also her father doesn't like mix marriage (witch/warlock and mortal/ordinary human marriage). But Samantha's afraid of Darrin being punished or something like that, and so, she locks Darrin up in a phone booth after they talked over the phone. been working in stone for centuries" in # 98. Starting during the third season, York's disability caused ongoing shooting delays and script rewrites. Dr. Bombay (Bernard Fox) is a witch doctor and womanizer, almost always accompanied by a buxom assistant in a nurse's outfit. But when she realizes that, after he has kissed her and disappeared, she has contracted an illness which leaves her unable to use her powers, she is furious—until Maurice returns to gives her an antidote, and take her to "the place we used to go to on the Milky Way" to have dinner. Later, Samantha tells Darrin that her father is coming to their home. # 77. The Leaches were the reverse of the Kravitzes with Charlie convinced that Samantha was a witch, while his wife, Charmaine (Virginia Martin) was convinced that her husband was crazy. for Samantha on the show. She says she cooked for the Roman Emperor, Claudius. Samantha receives the news with mixed feelings. many of the aunts on Samantha's side. Meanwhile, Sam and Endora are convincing her father/husband about Darrin. grandfather is mentioned in # 103 Gladys Kravitz (née Gruber) (Alice Pearce, Sandra Gould after Pearce's death) is Samantha and Darrin's nosy neighbor who lives across the street. That news has the potential to be dangerous as Maurice has a temper, and may use his witchcraft to destroy Darrin. Arthur was gay. However, earlier in the series we learn that Samantha takes Despite her conduct and frequent co-plotting with Endora, Serena has been known to assist Samantha and Darrin, although she finds them "both a bit square". Endora is the most frequent houseguest and one of the most loyal members of Samantha's family. Darrin's He replied, "Why don't you take it off?" Additionally, Maurice is very theatrical and formal. Despite his entreaties to his sister to not use her powers, and his dismay when their Aunt Minerva (Karen Morrow) encouraged her to use them, he really does love his sister very much. go with her to protest against one of Darrin's clients in # 7. Samantha receives the news with mixed feelings. with Cornelia when the "Mona, Sammy" portrait was painted I liked how Endora could keep Maurice in line by threatening to move back in with him, LOL. aunt Agnes is mentioned in # 73. Despite her disapproval, Endora loves Samantha and her grandchildren, Tabitha and Adam, more than anything. Some family is unclear if Cornelia was an aunt of Endora's or Maurice's. [1] Because of this fact, it is actually extremely doubtful that Hagatha and Enchantra were Endora's sisters. As such, Samantha does whatever she can to keep Darrin away from the house during Maurice's visit, and keep the news that Darrin is a mortal from Maurice. great aunt Emma is mentioned in # 97. Diane Murphy appeared in one solo episode in season 5 in which she received onscreen credit, which was her last appearance as Tabitha. Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.11Copyright ©2000 - 2020, vBulletin Solutions Inc. Did anyone else find Maurice and Endora's attitudes towards each other rather strange? bewitching daughter-in-law in # 14. Dick York was unable to continue his role as Darrin because of a severe back condition, the result of an accident during the filming of They Came To Cordura in 1959. She is perhaps the most sensible character in the show; she enjoys her mother's company and is able to take her jabs at mortal life with ease. Endora finds mortals dull and disapproves of Darrin, as do many of Samantha's relatives. Written by Endora knew one person who could undo the spell. It's so funny and I was laughing the whole time. Darrin's The man would hang with witches younger than he (or even mortal women), even kissing some. Esmeralda was introduced in 1969 after Lorne's death. Samantha's mother, Endora, is first seen in # 1, while her father, Maurice, makes his grand entrance in # 10. and Samantha's daughter Tabitha is born in # 54 ;). Uncle Arthur is Endora's little brother. Endora refuses even to speak Darrin's name correctly, alternately calling him "Derwood", "What's-his-name", "Darwin", "Dum-Dum", etc., all much to his annoyance. after her father's side (as is evident by her cousin Serena), so it While both twins appeared as Tabitha in seasons 3 and 4, only Erin Murphy was credited onscreen. It is unknown how Maurice is related to some of Samantha's other relatives (. and 188). They didn't seem very 'married', if you might say - … Note: The actress playing Endora's real name is Agnes, too. He almost always wears formal attire. However, there are three episodes that show evidence that Larry has deep feelings as well as having a sense of integrity. Clara says that Hagatha and For the remainder of the season, Tabitha was played by twins Heidi and Laura Gentry, followed by twins Tamar and Julie Young. :lol. Maurice is best known for his William Shakespeare quotes and his theatrical performances. In the second season episode, "The Magic Cabin", he sells his run-down cabin to a newlywed couple for only the price of its down payment, one fifth of his original asking price, to which they had agreed. They seemed very distant and when they saw each other on the show, hadn't seen eachother in a long time. So, Darrin is afraid of meeting his father-in-law. He was delighted to see them again, but was furious when his daughter married a mortal. In one episode, both Serena and Uncle Arthur go head-to-head with the Witches Council to support the Stephens' union, only to have their own powers suspended. Maurice/Endora's relationship Bewitched. However, unlike the Kravitzes, Charlie used blackmail to get Samantha to give him what he wants, but it always backfired when Samantha used her powers to defeat him. [4] Serena is egocentric and looks like Samantha (except for a tattoo under her left eye. Maurice seemed genuinely surprised at the question, despite his wearing an elegant suit. And he meets with Sam's father. Larry Tate (David White) is Darrin's profit-obsessed boss and friend. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Endora found Maurice in a resort high in the Swiss Alps. She has supernatural powers. Hagatha, viewers learned in the episode regarding Tabitha, ran a school for the training of young witches, a school that Samantha attended as a girl. members would be mentioned, but never seen as noted in the illustration. Sitcoms Online - Main Page / Message Boards - Main Page / News Blog / Photo Galleries / DVD Reviews / Buy TV Shows on DVD and Blu-ray / Message Boards - Main Page / News Blog / Photo Galleries / DVD Reviews / Buy TV Shows on DVD and Blu-ray [2] Endora's ploys to provoke a breakup always fail, as Samantha's and Darrin's love overcomes every obstacle. are related. were mentioned in passing or in cursory lists of relatives rather than actually appearing on the show.

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