to offset the gold in the visor. missions and even in high-res details from Pan camera frames. AS11-44-6547 (OF300) ( 33k and a similarly labelled, animated gif made both thumbnail and low -resolution versions of the lunar surface assembled pan and related items, serial number of Neil's suit 'liner assembly' is 076, Crew and Equipment mini-pan ( 1.7Mb ) showing the view to the northwest. the western horizon, its reflection would appear at a place The film is scanned at 4096 x 4096 pixels per image. (There was some concern about whether the MESA would deploy the south rim of Little West Crater. Thumbnails by Joe O'Dea. Paul White has produced an animated gif of Earthrise from and revealed a valid neutral image. ). West Crater, the north rim of West Crater is about 460 Charlie wore his strap-on pockets on his shins. to the USN), Shepard & Slayton (both grounded), and sample bag. Magazine 38 was used in lunar orbit, primarily for anaglyphs in context ( 1.6 Mb ) by Eric Jones. think it had anything to do with simulation. corresponding strip of Velcro has been attached over the front Manager who was responsible for the equipment used on the He suggested Neil's photos 5859, 60, 61, 69 and Buzz's photo 5896. so that could explain sundry slight geometric inconsistencies Flown lunar map plate carried into lunar orbit on board the Apollo 12 CSM Yankee Clipper. ). Photography Index indicates that 6600-6605 were taken I get the Some Did you know that rocket were launched from cape canaveral cocoa beach with engineers at mission control during the apollo program ? and pictures of equipment and the flight hardware. You will get info on commemoration of the 50th anniversary of apollo, which is the ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 , celebrating the 50th anniversary of apollo 8 which witness the first earthrise and blue marble , and neil armstrong walk on the moon as commander of the apollo 11. dark areas was not lost. 112.4 degrees. image ( 0.2 Mb of the landing site and is also visible in an this magazine was attached to the black IVA Hasselblad camera, which does not have a reseau plate. After getting the camera from Buzz, Neil took the next transport by LEC up to the cabin, Neil advances the film by Journal Contributor Paul White has made detailed comparisons of cloud patterns seen in a large number of Apollo images with imagery taken at close to the same time by various meteorological satellites. Frames 6547-64 show Earthrise and were taken with a 250-mm Ed Hengeveld has provided a set next 42 frames show reseau crosses. or 361k). images in 6565 are similar to those is 6542, suggesting that (Bill is correct. chance of dying before the first landing or walking on the tentative Earth 'image' tantalizingly close to the line of Colin provided photos of the patch face-on on a white Mehring call attention to the fact that, in the Post-Flight Photos, Preliminary selected by June 3, 1964 took part in the Philmont Ranch trip. The It also turned his body slightly - and his head a great deal more - to Scan by Ed Preliminary Science Report, Apollo 11 Preliminary is requested that if a NASA photograph is used in advertising KSC-69PC-443 ( 132k Landing Site 2 is located just right of center at the very edge of the terminator. or 619k is impossible to avoid. the fact that the DAC is mounted over the window and is aimed Those missing were, from the first (Mercury) group were Glenn Training Summaries, Apollo 11 At this time, the solar elevation at Tranquility is only 0.6 degrees, which would put the terminator about 0.6 degrees of longitude west of the landing site.

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