0000001470 00000 n What in hades did they see on the Moon that no one was supposed to know about, and that their hundreds of detailed photographs and hours of live comments not reveal? Anyone can see, my friend. stream Apollo 11 was the first space mission where humans set foot on another celestial body, the Moon. "For the good of your country" ofcourse! And humanly, he was just a dude like you and I.). The format today will consist of a 45-minute presentation by the Apollo 11 crew, followed by questions and answers. stream And false. “Apollo 11 Crew at Pre-Launch Press Conference.” RICHES of Central Florida accessed October 27, 2020, https://richesmi.cah.ucf.edu/omeka/items/show/6090. 0000000700 00000 n astronauts. You are a Soul. endobj RICHES MI part of UCF Department of History, Apollo 11 Crew at Pre-Launch Press Conference, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (U.S.), The crew of Apollo 11 at the last press conference before their flight. 0 Donald Trump Press Conference Transcript on China, Hong Kong, and the WHO • 4 days ago. If you want to be cute and get smart with me, you'll be in for a frustrating encounter. I just posted the video so people can see it, and so we can exchange viewpoints without pressure. Photographed from left to right are Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin (1930-), Mission Commander Neil Armstrong (1930-2012), and Command Module Pilot Michael Collins (1930-). I have seen that image before, but thought it was phony. What they see, however are 3 guys who are calm and sedate, perhaps even reserved and uncomfortable, being thrust into the media spotlight (and for good reason, of course). endobj What's going on is that they just completed the mission of their lifetimes. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and, is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." >> The message Timothy Good claims HAM radio operators directly received via VHF signals prior to being screened by NASA to the public is astonishing, although it's hard to put much behind it if it can't be verified in some way. Making up nonsense about threats they may have received because they do not behave like they just won the Super Bowl is ridiculous. 0000002933 00000 n So when some of these younger people (and some older people, too... wouldn't want to be accused of being completely "ageist") see someone who is not acting the way that the "idols" of today act, they form the opinion that "something must be wrong here". It would certainly be entertaining interesting to see this evidence that has led you to this conclusion. Both spacecraft landed safely and on schedule. 0000002571 00000 n 0000087353 00000 n ), I have never been to the moon. << And everybody is free to interpret that "something" equal to their determined state of mind. .....This moment contains all moments..... It's easy! You do realize that this silly issue has been previously and completely trashed, no? What I see is a photo that never existed, a full frontal shot of Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface... What I see are a couple of unidentified photos showing objects. The basic similarity through all these public figuers is that they come off as larger than life. Next time you try to fool the world, select better actors. If youre refering to post #4, i was just answering to the person in post #2. your opinion of what is being seen is in no way any form of evidence of what you are claiming. <> 895 0 obj Copyright to this resource is held by Larry Summers and is provided here by. Lets have the image ID number, please. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Supposedly two UFO's hovered overhead as Armstrong prepared to step down the ladder of the LEM at the Sea of Tranquility. Nobody - NOBODY - can ever take the footsteps I made on the surface of the Moon away from me." SolarPlexus, November 23, 2010 in Conspiracies & Secret Societies. We live in a world today where our opinions are delivered to (most of) us by the Media and public buffoonery by our public figures is the norm, and in a lot of case, is what defines their "idol" status. %%EOF Page 224 ( … Modern People magazine published what they claim to be some of these photographs in their June 1975 issue. He and Aldrin spent less than 22 hours on the Moon, including two and half hours outside. Please tell what training / experience you have in human behaviour studies or psychology or any other related field that allow you to proclaim your opinion as fact. Unexplained-Mysteries.com Apollo 11 was the first space mission where humans set foot on another celestial body, the Moon. We are all made of thermonuclear waste material, "Truth needs no defence. You can tell that he is forced to choose his words! Who reported that, and what photos are those? Apollo 11 post-flight press conference Join the Unexplained Mysteries community today! >> 0000000908 00000 n They see three professional, ex-military, ex-test pilot, scientist slash engineers who have come back from the journey of a lifetime and the expectation of these younger people is that they should be acting like the "idols" of today. This is the Apollo 11 press conference. ...The greatest error is not to have tried and failed, but that in trying, we did not give it our best effort. Where'd those mountains come from, in the lunar Maria? (And no, P.K. endobj By "Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. /E 119493 You appear to have started this discussion (the thread was started long ago) in order to speculate, without foundation, upon your illusion of "symptoms" of "conspiracy" in this specific video. There is indeed nothing to see there, save what has been described. 0000003139 00000 n xref photographs are included in the btochure. The. 891 19 894 0 obj HAM radio operators received S-BAND antenna COMM signals from the Moon? 0000002675 00000 n x�c``�```�a`a`P�bd@ A�#c2�8v�(\�l����*�p4�W)��6��ۘ~2f�d-J1�U�;�h�'��g)�#���@�s�{za܀!# �����n8���T� ����C5�f���b������$ . Is the photo labeled "Cigar-shaped object in crater taken by Neil Armstrong" legit? %���� I leave now with a quote from Buddha (and then one from Steve Jobs). Powered by Invision Community, Unexplained-Mysteries.com uses cookies. 0000087376 00000 n But still... Armstrong on 0:35?? Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. I found your post with the "UFO" images in them very interesting. The two craft docked on July 17, 1975, and conducted joint operations for two full days. They claim to have gotten the pictures from a Japanese source. That is all, absolutely.

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