Back then, the scientists were also issued a pair of mukluks (fur-lined boots that may come almost to the knees). The team traveled in a caravan of snowcats (trucklike vehicles that move on tracks), loaded with equipment and supplies. Close analysis of the ice cores shows that the increases in carbon dioxide occur slightly after the shifts to warmer temperatures begin. Some have used this fact to suggest that carbon dioxide levels themselves have little effect on climate. The coring was completed in 2004 to a depth of 3270m in the ice. This depleted region is known as the ozone hole. The Vostok ice core provides climate information extending back to about 400 000 years ago. But the story of the sea ice floating around Antarctica in the Southern Ocean is even more complex. For example, the hood of the parka still has an extended, furry ruff to protect the face from the wind. (Today we live during an interglacial (warm) time called the Holocene in which there is relatively little ice in the Northern Hemisphere compared to what has been usual over the past 2.6 million years (the time span of the Quaternary Period)). Warm up. Air trapped inside the ice can be analysed for its concentration of carbon dioxide and methane, indicating how concentrations of these greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have fluctuated through time. A blog about the WAIS Divide program. So somewhere out on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, there’s a buried pallet of letters from home. 100-Year-Old Photos Reveal Antarctica Like You've Never Seen It Pictures captured by photographer Herbert Ponting in the early 20th century show the … This is shown in the long instrumental record (extending back to 1945) from Vernadsky station (see Student Activities below). Traverses are still organized when there is a need to take continuous measurements along a route or to deliver heavy equipment. Then and now, each scientist arriving for an extended visit to Antarctica was issued a personal, appropriately sized set of clothing, including jackets, overalls, gloves, and mittens. Is Antarctica being affected by ‘global warming’ and how might we expect its climate to change in the future? As a result, Charlie and the rest of the team arrived in January 1957 in order to participate in the 1957-58 field season, when they could do fieldwork for three whole months during the austral summer — mid-November through the end of February. This was preceded by a quick trip to the South Pole Station, where he toured the newly rebuilt station and checked on an innovative astronomy project called IceCube. In addition, a support staff at the field camps handles much of the day-to-day operations, leaving the scientists free to prepare for their fieldwork and data-gathering efforts. Create a caption for the graph that describes the trend and gives an estimate of the rate of temperature increase based on the trend line.

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