I guess she has other Rebellion Captain jobs to do. Alrich Wren One thing that really made me laugh at this point was Dave Filoni as a Stormtrooper. Source: StarWars.com. To review this episode for you, I got together with my good friend and fellow Rebels fan, Audrey, and we talked through our thoughts on the highlights of this episode. Audrey: It was very dry looking. I’m sure she’ll go through a lot more, and I don’t want to see her story stop with Rebels, I think they could do so much with this character heading into the New Republic era. Source: StarWars.com. Alrich, along with Clan Wren, now stands united with Mandalore under Bo-Katan Kryze. It made me so happy to finally see them back at ease with each other, and starting to fall back into their old back-and-forth. And Ursa, too; it’s really interesting that they chose to have the mother be the hardened warrior, and the father the one who’s more artistic and maybe emotionally supportive. Also, you could tell one of the other troopers was Freddy Prinze Jr., who plays Kanan. Alrich Wren was the father of Sabine Wren and the husband of Clan Wren's leader Ursa Wren. Alrich was nearly executed by the Empire but his transport was intercepted by forces led by Sabine and he was saved by Ezra Bridger, Sabine's foster brother from the Ghost crew. Alrich Wren was a male human.He had a wife, daughter and a son. Skin color Fives escaped Coruscant but got more than he bargained for. While Alrich rocketed out of the transport before it fell into a chasm, Ezra used his Force powers to Force jump out of the transport. After throwing out the drivers and the guards, Ezra freed Alrich from his restraints. Brown[2] Sabine leads the charge across Mandalore’s wasteland with the Darksaber as her battle standard. He ended up being a captive, in everything but name, on Mandalore after his daughter fled the Imperial Academy of Mandalore out of guilt due to being forced to build weapons for the Galactic Empire that were then used against the Mandalorian people. The Mandalorian resistance rescued him from an Imperial Troop Transport convoy heading to Sundari where he would be publicly executed. It’s not like I’ve never thought about it before.). Sabine defeated Saxon in lightsaber combat but spared his life. Her new boyfriend Ezra is coming with her for the long term, motivated both by love and a desire to repay her for her aid in freeing Lothal. Alrich's artistic talents were inherited by his daughter Sabine. The item in this Fixed Price Auction is in Mint to Nr-Mt+ Condition. He had a wife, daughter and a son. This was an amazing episode, featuring Mandalorian Rebel Sabine Wren’s return to her homeworld to rescue her father from Imperial captivity. After rescuing Ursa and Tristan, Alrich and the others evacuated aboard one of Lady Bo-Katan's starships. Audrey: He even smiles a few times in this episode! He’s one of those kids who always manages to be silly, even when he’s not trying to be, and even with as dark as he got in some of the places last season, it’s in his personality to see the good and light moments in everything. Alrich Wren His son Tristan was conscripted into Saxon's Imperial Super Commandos. Ezra Bridger is rescued by the rebellion from the unknown regions following Luke Skywalker's fall to the Dark during his duel with Darth Vader on Bespin.

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