Genießen Sie die Landschaft auf der Route und erkunden Sie die Höhepunkte dieser „Gartenstadt“ mit einem Guide, der Hintergrundinformationen bietet. If you’re looking for affordable options to travel to Al Ain Oasis from Dubai. Covering 1,200 hectares, this lush oasis provides a unique insight into the region's inhabitants who began taming the desert 4,000 years ago. Im Herzen von Al Ain, einer Gartenstadt, die 160 Kilometer östlich von Abu Dhabi liegt, befindet sich die Al Ain-Oase. Im Herzen von Al Ain, in der Nähe des Al Ain National Museum, entdeckt man eines dieser beeindruckenden Naturereignisse. Upon completion, the imposing structure represented the modern architecture of the time. It nominates and documents heritage, develops and enforces policies and guidelines to protect the heritage, celebrates and promotes through engaging programmes and experiences the heritage of Abu Dhabi for visitors and residents. There is an interpretive EcoCentre and other tourist facilities at the western entrance to the oasis. The Al Ain Oasis is the UAE’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The water for this irrigation system is sourced from the Hajar Mountains and Jebel Hafeet. In the oasis, more than 100 different varieties of palm trees are cultivated on hundreds of palm plantations, many of which are still working farms. A one way trip from Dubai will cost AED 30 and it will take approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Today, it stands as one of the best examples of a restored fort in Abu Dhabi, and opened its doors as a museum in 2001. A visit to this oasis is worth a trip if you want to learn the different plant species native to the UAE. There are two main falaj systems serving the oasis – Al Aini and Dawood. The date palm oasis is one of a growing number of ecosystems in the UAE that have been formally recognised by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

The city is known for its combination of modern and pre-modern buildings.

Beneath Al Ain’s sands, and since the 1960s, excavations have revealed a labyrinth of aqueducts. At its entrance gate is an Eco Centre, a … The historical Eastern Fort is one of the main buildings associated with the ruling Al Nahyan family and their rising influence in the 19th Century.

Mit einem 3.000 Jahre alten Falaj-Bewässerungssystem verfügt Al Ain Oasis über eine Reihe faszinierender Wasserkanäle. Located on the eastern edge of the oasis, the Eastern Fort is one of the most popular attractions at the Al Ain Oasis. Read on to find out more about this astounding place. The Al Ain Oasis is almost 159 kilometres away from Abu Dhabi. The city’s newfound water was mixed with Al Ain sand to form the mud brick structure of the Al Muwaiji fortress in the early 20th century. Dinge zu tun in Vereinigte Arabische Emirate, Gut geeignet, um Menschenmassen zu vermeiden. One of the most distinctive features of the tour is the interactive installations called the “Techno Palm”. The archaeological city of Al Ain is located along the north-eastern border of the Rub’ Al Khali desert in the UAE. Leider ist etwas schiefgegangen.

The presence of an oasis helps create a suitable living environment for animals and humans. The area, which is known as the Empty Quarter, is the world’s largest continuous… On her day off you will find her binge-watching Netflix and spending time with her little one. The oasis has eight gates, however, visitors usually enter through the West Gate.

“At the beginning, there were low-scale houses. In particular, DCT Abu Dhabi has prepared and contributed to nominations for sites and intangible heritage elements on three UNESCO lists: the ‘List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding’, the ‘Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ and the ‘World Heritage List’. Fed by a traditional irrigation system, this oasis of 147,000 palm trees is located in the centre of the modern-day city of Al Ain. Im Herzen von Al Ain, in der Nähe des Al Ain National Museum, entdeckt man eines dieser beeindruckenden Naturereignisse. Craft a postcard to send to a friend or family member, online or through the post. Today, nearly 150,000 thousand palms fringe the oasis, providing shelter for the area’s agriculture, inhabitants and waterways alike.

Town in Dubai: The ultimate playground for children. Even after 3000 years, the ancient falaj irrigation channel is still used to water the trees in this Oasis. Die größte Grünfläche im Emirat Abu Dhabi bietet eine willkommene Abwechslung vom Getümmel und der Hitze der viertgrößten Stadt des Landes.

Die Al Ain Oase entstand rund um eine natürliche Wasserquelle. It was listed into the World Heritage Site in 2011. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut auf der. In this post, we will explore the popular Oasis and its different attractions.

Once inside the oasis, the water is distributed through an intricate network of channels. Besuchen Sie Al Ain aus Abu Dhabi auf dieser ganztägigen Tour und vermeiden Sie die Notwendigkeit, ein Auto zu mieten oder lokale Taxis oder Busse zu finden. Das Vorhandensein einer Oase trägt zur Schaffung einer geeigneten Lebensumgebung für Tiere und Menschen bei. The huge covered area makes it one of the largest oases in the city. Let’s take a look at the different attractions and things to do at Al Ain Oasis. Whereas, the timing for cafés, restaurants and stores is 12:00 pm to 07:00 pm.

Al-Ain (arabisch العين, DMG al-ʿAyn die Quelle bzw. These were originally engineered to channel water from the neighbouring mountains to inhabitants up to 15 kilometers away.

Visitors can explore the two main falaj systems serving the oasis namely, Al Aini and Dawood. “Then those [plants], are making shade to grow vegetables, or other herbs which are used to feed animals.”.

If you happen to visit this oasis in Al Ain, do let us know about your wonderful experience in the comments section.

The water supplying the oasis comes from wells, as well as from the ancient falaj system, which taps distant underground or mountain aquifers, and then delivers the water, sometimes over many kilometres, to farms via a system of ground-level and below-ground aqueducts. Bevor Sie sich jedoch auf Ihre Reise begeben, ist es immer am Besten die aktuellsten Bestimmungen in Ihrer Destination zu überprüfen. The oasis is located in Al Mutawa’a District, at the Hessa bint Mohammad Street in Al Ain’s Central District. If you plan to visit Al Ain, take a look at MyBayut’s Al Ain travel guide to when planning your next trip. Hört dem Vogelgesang und dem Rascheln der Palmwedel zu. Might Al Harrah desert drawings reveal the Middle East’s forgotten past.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi, however, the charges are quite high considering its a long journey. The building is eco-friendly and sustainable. Despite being centuries old, the irrigation system is efficient enough to keep the plantation fresh throughout the year. Al Ain is more than 4,000 years-old according to Abu Dhabi's Department of Culture and Tourism, and it has one of the highest concentrations of castles and fortresses in the country. ABOUT AL AIN OASIS Spend a day with your family at the Al Ain Oasis.

One of the attractions at Al Ain Oasis is walking through the serene and wide pathways along the endless row of palm trees.

Die Oase besteht aus vielen Palmenplantagen, von denen viele noch landwirtschaftliche Betriebe betreiben. Die Al Ain Oase entstand rund um eine natürliche Wasserquelle. Today, nearly 150,000 thousand palms fringe the oasis, providing shelter for the area’s agriculture, inhabitants and waterways alike. Tell others what you discovered about Abu Dhabi. It combines both traditional and innovative technology to seamlessly unify its organic form into the landscape.

This plentiful supply of water helped establish new ecosystems, land management and the Al Ain Oasis.

It’s located close to the Al Ain Palace Museum.

Farmers tend over 147,000 date palms of 100 different varieties, as well as fodder crops and fruit trees such as mango, orange, banana, fig and jujube (known locally as sidr). Contribute a material of value to Abu Dhabi’s heritage and culture.

“But later on, families expanded and they started to add rooms.”.

There are several small gardens with fruit trees and plants. Location: in Al Ain - south-east of Abu Dhabi - 1.30h drive from the capital (see maps below), Opening hours:Oasis: daily 8am-5pm Restaurants, Cafes & Shops: daily 12pm-9pm, Holidays in Abu Dhabi | Things to do | Places to visit | Beaches | Hotels, The Austrians LLCSky Tower - Glass Cube OfficesAbu Dhabi - UAE, Email: info@theaustrians.aeBECOME OUR PARTNER. The extensive restoration work which has taken place at Al Muwaiji, and other structures in the Al Ain area, has seen tourists flock to local sites. The shady, cool walks transport you from the noise and heat of the city to a tranquil quiet haven. The Al Ain Oasis opening hours are 08:00 am to 05:00 pm daily. Im Herzen von Al Ain, einer Gartenstadt, die 160 Kilometer östlich von Abu Dhabi liegt, befindet sich die Al Ain-Oase.

Maybe only one or two rooms, with the wall surrounding it.” Aqeel Aqeel, a building conservator with Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), told Salim Essaid. The Eco-Centre offers an immersive experience to its visitors. The fort is one of a number of historic buildings associated with the rising influence of the ruling Al Nahyan family in Ain from the end of the 19th century. It was built around 1910 by Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed (r. 1922-1926), who resided there prior to becoming ruler of Abu Dhabi. This tranquil world of wide paths meandering past walled date-palm gardens, right in the centre of Al Ain, is a welcome respite from the city hubbub. Located in the centre of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi's garden city and heritage heartland situated about a one-and-a-half-hour's drive away from the capital, this is the largest of Al Ain's oases. The Oasiscape tour is an engaging tour of the entire palm grove. Die größte Grünfläche im Emirat Abu Dhabi bietet eine willkommene Abwechslung vom Getümmel und der Hitze der viertgrößten Stadt des Landes. It is located in the centre of the Al Ain city and covers a total area of 3,000-acres.

There are 8 entrances to choose from to explore how countless generations have tapped into underground wells to keep the city of al ain green.

You can spend a good 90 minutes or more walking around the oasis and exploring its different sections.

Hessa bint Mohamed St, Al Mutawaa, Al Ain - Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, Online Visual And Performing Arts Classes, Abu Dhabi International Translation Conference, Louvre Abu Dhabi Director - Manuel Rabata, Abu Dhabi Culture - HE Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak. Sichern Sie sich ganz einfach einen Platz bei voller Flexibilität und verpassen Sie keine Angebote. A supermom with a curious mind who loves to surround herself with good books, smart gadgets and funny friends.

The oasis is spread over an incredible 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres) and containing more than 147000 date palms.

Durch das Erstellen eines Kontos stimmen Sie unseren. “Those tall trees, like palm trees, are making shade for other kinds of trees like mango, orange or fig,” says Omar Alkaabi, the Al Ain director of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism. It’s particularly great for families with kids. The Al Ain Oasis is the UAE’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its still-operating traditional Falaj irrigation system, meandering pathways beneath a thick canopy of date palms and other fruit trees, Al Ain Oasis reflects what agriculture in this region has been like for millennia. With a 3,000-year-old falaj irrigation system, Al Ain Oasis features a series of mesmerising water channels. These systems irrigate two separate parts of the oasis. Die Welt beginnt sich zu öffnen, und wir möchten Ihnen helfen sich sicher zu fühlen wenn Sie sich nach draußen begeben um die Welt zu entdecken.

Some of the fruit trees that you can find here are of mangos, figs, pomegranates, bananas, lemons and olives.

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