AHS responds to illegal strike action. The Alberta government’s plans to save $600 million annually by outsourcing AHS laundry, housekeeping, food preparation, and laboratory work led to picket lines on Monday. “Anger has been building among members for months,” said AUPE President Guy Smith in a … It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. Updated: Oct. 26, 11:17 a.m. EDMONTON - Alberta Health Services (AHS) is responding quickly to illegal strike action by Alberta Union of Provincial Employees staff at various sites across the province. “Alberta Health Services is taking immediate action with the Alberta Labour Relations Board (to) end this illegal activity,” said Toews. She has also been a reporter at the Edmonton Journal and Saskatoon StarPhoenix. “Union bosses are creating fear about our healthcare system when the reality is, we are talking about letting local businesses put Tide pods in the washing machines, and they’re already doing a great job,” said CTF Alberta Director Franco Terrazzano. He did not say how many workers AHS was investigating or how long it would take. Next steps could include reporting any regulated workers to disciplinary bodies for professional sanctions, he said. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. AHS said the organization is reviewing Monday's events and considering next steps including possible disciplinary options and consequences. AHS, which delivers health care in the province, said Monday said some surgeries and ambulatory care clinics were being delayed across the province due to the strike. Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews also commented on the strike action, and said that it puts patient safety at risk. This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. © 2010-2020 Pawn Marketing & Publishing Inc. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Higher Grounds has books by three local authors. The Alberta government’s plans to save $600 million annually by outsourcing AHS laundry, housekeeping, food preparation, and laboratory work led to picket lines on Monday. presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution Alberta Health Services (AHS) is considering “disciplinary options” for unionized health-care workers who walked off the job earlier this week. Some of the cuts are to come from further contracting out of laundry and lab services and other support workers. Monday’s wildcat strike, in which hundreds of workers across Alberta participated, was the latest salvo in a bitter dispute between a provincial government focused on finding efficiencies to make up for shortfalls in oil and gas royalties and workers, who say the province’s plan to eliminate full-time nursing positions and outsource as many as 11,000 health-care jobs amounts to death by a thousands cuts. “AUPE is a democratic union and we respect the wishes of our members,” he said. A July survey by the Alberta Medical Association showed at least 40 per cent of physicians have considered moving out of Alberta. The AMA subsequently sued the government, which is ongoing. "They're going to try and bully you and intimidate you to not be out here. Tan accused the government of being “mean spirited” in its public remarks, suggesting doctors are greedy for wanting to discuss billing changes. #, Joanne Maurier sent us this excellent photo of a m, Today we presented the Morinville Museum with our. “The disability and the harm and suffering his family had to endure for this one short-term cutback is just one example of the things we are seeing every day,” she said. “Anger has been building among members for months,” said AUPE President Guy Smith in a media release Monday. "That process could take some time to ensure we complete a thorough review and investigation," spokesperson Kerry Williamson said in an email. All Although he wouldn't point to specific evidence, Toews said social media posts, news reports and information received by his office suggest leaders were involved in organizing the walkout. Members said this violated their rights. rights reserved. Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. One of the main points of contention in the negotiations is a disagreement over how and for what services doctors can bill the province. Previously, Alberta seniors enrolled in the Alberta Seniors Benefit Drug Program received premium-free coverage for prescriptions not only for themselves but also their spouses and dependents. We are doing all we can to address any interruptions to patient care caused by this illegal job action. “AHS is enacting contingency plans to redeploy non-union staff, including managers, wherever possible to cover for missing staff.”, Tan, who first moved to Alberta in 1999 and has practised as a physican for 16 years, said she started having concerns about the state of health care in Alberta, and how cuts could affect her ability to care for her patients, in December, when the province presented the Alberta Medical Association with its “framework for consultation.”. AUPE issued a short statement Tuesday, saying leaders can't comment on AHS's labour board complaint. Last year, Alberta’s nurses union raised an alarm over what it said were provincial plans to eliminate 500 full-time nursing positions. Alberta Health Services (AHS) is considering "disciplinary options" for unionized health-care workers who walked off the job earlier this week. In February, the province eliminated its master agreement with the Alberta Medical Association after failed negotiations, citing the need to address ballooning health-care costs. Opposition NDP leader Rachel Notley said the move is a continuation of the UCP government's attack on health-care workers. “I can’t even describe how the stress level was just from a pandemic alone,” Tan said. “Government’s primary concern is ensuring the health and wellbeing of patients, which has been put at risk this morning,” Toews said of the province-wide strikes at AHS facilities. “We’re singularly focused on keeping our community safe, and the government still is attacking us.”. The Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation called the union response to the outsourcing rhetoric. Finance Minister Travis Toews said in a statement he was aware of the strikes and that the government’s primary concern was ensuring the health and well-being of patients. “Let’s be clear. The hospice and family physician is moving from Alberta this week to Victoria, B.C., where she’ll start a new job in November. “I couldn’t live with that.”. The hospital workers were members of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. (Steve Buick, a spokesperson for the province’s minister of health, said that while a large number of doctors have talked about leaving, that has yet to materialize.). Her 11-year-old son has lived here his entire life. “And now we’re threatening their livelihoods and their job security and their pensions and their benefits.”. The wildcat strike comes amid the threat of massive cuts in health care, detailed by Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro at a news conference earlier this month. “In less than 12 months, we’re here, picking up our lives and uprooting our family,” she said Monday. But it’s also about raising her family in a province where she feels the government is commited to quality health care. On Monday, Alberta recorded a record number of coronavirus cases.

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