But after a few photo ops with Henry, Alex starts to realize that the passionate anger he feels toward him might be a cover for regular old passion. After that, you can use the author's last name or a synonym. Jojo Moyes I enjoyed the characters and the story the only thing that bothered me is that it is supposed to be written from the point of view of an American from Boston. View All Titles. It wasn't great and it wasn't awful. No one tells you that it's the internal that's the real challenge: those moments of decisiveness equal to taking a vow, when you feel the clawing grip of your pormises.”, “I wish I were really young, like you. by The Dial Press. Julie Buxbaum writes beautifully and handles the difficult subjects with sincerity and intelligence. How can they navigate being open about their sexualities (Alex is bisexual; Henry is gay) in their very public and very scrutinized roles? Roberts’ latest title feels a little long and the story is slightly cumbersome, but her greatest strength is in making the reader feel connected to her characters, so “unnecessary details” can also charm and engage. However, in the midst of her quest to help young Sophie, Ellie begins to learn things about her best friend that she wishes she had never found out. Nora Roberts. To see what your friends thought of this book, Good c'est la vie story... About love, loss, death, birth, life, grief, friendship, family, parenthood, childhood, marriage, doubts, weddings, divorces... All in one book and one story... :). Eight-year-old Sophie has been left traumatised after witnessing the murder of her mother, Lucy, in the street near their London home. Then his sister stands up for him, enlisting the aid of their aunt, and everything changes, mainly due to Zane’s secret diaries. Their lives have diverged – Lucy has always been the glamorous one, and she lives an upscale life with her husband and daughter in London, while Ellie has stayed close to home in a Boston suburb, where she is an adjunct professor – but they have remained extremely close. As secrets come out, will Ellie ever be able to let go of Sophie and will she end up ruining her marriage in the process? But I’m going to try and tell you how lovely this book is. After the meeting has adjourned, write down the meeting summary as soon as possible while the information from the meeting is still fresh in your mind. Moyes’ sequel to her bestselling Me Before You (2012)—which was about Louisa, a young caregiver who falls in love with her quadriplegic charge, Will, and then loses him when he chooses suicide over a life of constant pain—examines the effects of a loved one’s death on those left behind to mourn. The plan? She excels in a few passages that describe the emotional punch of losing a loved one, but overall the book felt thin to me. I enjoyed the development of Ellie's character an. After all, if you really know a subject, you will be able to summarize it. An abused boy fights back, escapes, then returns as an attorney to his beloved hometown, but just as he’s falling in love with a transplanted landscaper, a series of attacks from shadowy enemies jeopardizes their happiness. © Copyright 2020 Kirkus Media LLC. It's been 18 months since Will’s death, and Louisa is still grieving. This would make a great book club read. ‧ Eight is, like, the best age. Be the first to ask a question about After You. Refresh and try again. Other themes like guilt, betrayal, and worthiness are dealt with. In spite of the distance, the women remain close, and Ellie is even asked to be godmother to Lucy's daughter, Sophie. When Louisa returns to London, a troubled 16-year-old named Lily turns up on her doorstep saying Will was her father though he never knew it because her mother thought he was "a selfish arsehole" and never told him she was pregnant. Another success for the publishing phenom. When Ellie learns of the murder of her best friend Lucy, she does what any friend would do, and drops everything and heads to London to look after Lucy’s daughter, Sophie, and to pick up the pieces. | Ellie marries, suffers a crippling loss, and finds her marriage falling through her fingers. The main themes of the novel are grief, moving on from the past, and pushing out of the comfort zone. Although Alex and Henry’s relationship is the heart of the story, their friends and family members are all rich, well-drawn characters, and their respective worlds feel both realistic and larger-than-life. I won this book from the Good reads site. We’re glad you found a book that interests you! Unfortunately, the writer tends to let British English writing style dominate - so while the story takes place mostly in London, I had trouble believing Ellie was actually from the States...even though her character often made fun of British English sayings. In fact, in some ways, the whole novel is a failed HEA. Some might think the ending of this book to be predictable; however, the author leads you right up to the ending, not sure if or how things are going to work out for Ellie. You need to let the reader know when you are using information from a source by using an author tag, a footnote, or a parenthetical citation. I don't usually go for chick lit too much, but this one was pretty good. I don't usually go for chick lit too much, but this one was pretty good. Though others have categorized this book as chick-lit, I think that underplays the emotional truths laid out in the narrative. Nearly 20 years later, Zane leaves a successful career as a lawyer to return to Lakeview, where his aunt and sister live with their families, deciding to hang a shingle as a small-town lawyer. Lucy’s husband Greg is coping with his own grief and does not really pay much attention to Sophie or what’s going on in the house. Jojo Moyes, by ROMANCE When Lucy is murdered, Ellie leaves her husband and job behind to take care of Lucy’s 8-year-old daughter, Sophie. Darby has a violent past of her own, so she is more than willing to take on the risk of antagonizing a boorish local family when she and Zane help an abused wife. After college, the women's paths take slightly different directions when Lucy, a journalist, moves to England to marry a man she'd fallen in love with. And, if you truly learn the subject, you will still be able to summarize it months or years from now. This was my first book by this author and I definitely will be reading more! Plot Summaries. After You deals with the aftermath of the assisted suicide of Will Traynor at the end of the first novel and the impact it has on the novel’s protagonist, Louisa Clark. for whatever reason I read the discussion questions at the end of this one, and they really got me thinking about the story. Over the course of the novel, Ellie comes to realize that Lucy's perfect life in London wasn't so perfect, and begins to address the problems in her own marriage that helped drive her out of the country. In this story of loss and grief, love and devotion, burial and rebirth, is multi-layered and thought-provoking. Although the story’s premise might be a fantasy—it takes place in a world in which a divorced-mom Texan Democrat won the 2016 election—the emotions are all real. And I believe in vows. Ellie chooses The Secret Garden, a book that helped her get through childhood, and hopes it will. Desperate to get the little girl to open up again, Ellie decides that the best course of action is to read a book with her. I was disappointed in the number of typos and the appearance of London Bridge actually being in London in this story, when in fact, London Bridge has been in Arizona for several decades now. | When Ellie learns of the murder of her best friend Lucy, she does what any friend would do, and drops everything and heads to London to look after Lucy’s daughter, Sophie, and to pick up the pieces. It had one easy to follow plot line that involved a couple who had lost their connection and a friend who lost her best friend and was compelled to connect with the child left behind. In good times and in bad. I thought After You's subject didn't sound all that promising (woman's best friend dies, woman ditches husband in States to go to England to take care of dead friend's child and live in dead friend husband's house), but I got it on the strength of the first novel. She was simiply walking Sophie to school one morning, and a crazed meth addict in Notting Hill mugged and murdered Lucy in front of her young daughter. Dealing with the loss of her stillborn child, marriage, and now lifelong best friend, Ellie attempts to deal with the grief of Sophie and Greg, Lucy's husband. While developing wonderfully nuanced characters like Will’s grieving parents—particularly his mother, who forms a surprisingly deep bond with Lily—Moyes weakens the novel with stock villains like Lily’s narcissistic upper-middle-class mom. Though there were the some of the typical chick lit cliches -- excessive clothing description, belabored emotional examination and internal conflict (what do I want? She’s also the author of two critically acclaimed novels for adults: The Opposite of Love and After You.

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