The best way to view these keys is an array of eleven 16-byte values, each made up of four 32-bit words, as shown in Table A.6. We also looked at the reverse process for decryption. NIST completed its evaluation process and published a final standard (FIPS PUB 197) in November of 2001. stream D15, are loaded into the array as shown in Table A.5. To start with, the first round key Rkey0 is simply initialized to the value of the cipher key (that is the secret key delivered through the key hierarchy). Copyright 2008-2020. As you might expect, decryption involves reversing all the steps taken in encryption using inverse functions: XorRoundKey doesn't need an inverse function because XORing twice takes you back to the original value. The details of these operations are described shortly, but first we need to look in more detail at the generation of the Round Keys, so called because there is a different one for each round in the process. 802.11 security. Understanding AES Mix-Columns Transformation Calculation Kit Choy Xintong University of Wollongong, Year 3 Student I never really understood the theory behind this when my friend questioned me the other day. • AES is a secret key encryption algorithm. ���ՠ1u�|X��"��. At the start of the encryption, the 16 bytes of data, numbered D0 ? For example, using XOR for addition: Rkey8: W3 = Rkey7:W3 XOR Rkey8:W2 and so on. Perform nine rounds of state manipulation. For each round key Rkey1 to Rkey10, the value of W0 is the sum of three 32-bit values: The value of W0 from the previous round key, The value of W3 from the previous round key, rotated right by 8 bits, Rkeyi:W0 = Rkey(i-1):W0 XOR (Rkey(i-1):W3 >>> 8) XOR Rcon[i]. Each round of the encryption process requires a series of steps to alter the state array. The same round keys are used in the same order. You take the following aes steps of encryption for a 128-bit block: Derive the set of round keys from the cipher key. There is a good reason why the sequence of this table suddenly breaks off from 128 to 27. The new column replaces the old one. AES.ppt - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. This operation is a simple substitution that converts every byte into a different value. Also note that, after the first, each key is generated sequentially and based on the previous one. Effect of ShiftRows Operation?End State, C'0 = 02 * C0 + 01 * C1 + 01 * C2 + 03 * C3, C'1 = 03 * C0 + 02 * C1 + 01 * C2 + 01 * C3, C'2 = 01 * C0 + 03 * C1 + 02 * C2 + 01 * C3, C'3 = 01 * C0 + 01 * C1 + 03 * C2 + 02 * C3. This array we call the state array. Remember that we are not using normal arithmetic?we are using finite field arithmetic, which has special rules and both the multiplications and additions can be implemented using XOR. The reason that the rounds have been listed as "nine followed by a final tenth round" is because the tenth round involves a slightly different manipulation from the others. Summary of AES/RSN Encryption.

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