He offers three key hallmarks of organisms that illustrate immanent causation. courses that prepare you to earn Thus, you need the context before the information is of any value. Going back to the drug example (specifically the drug with an unknown mechanism), the notion that the mechanism is natural is not falsifiable (for exactly the same reasons that abiogenesis is not falsifiable). To put it differently, what chemical properties (electronegativity, bond polarity, bond lengths and angles, activation energy) are present in a set of three nucleotides that are not present in two or one or four nucleotides that give that specific set the capacity to “represent” some specific amino acids? Now, you may say that is silly because no one would attribute a drug trial to the supernatural, and you’re right, but that’s kind of my point. To out my objection to point 7 another way, it seems like this argument inherently assumes that life is more than simply the product of biochemistry, but that is an assumption that I reject as baseless. Therefore, I want to talk about it and explain why it is not valid to say, “science can’t explain this, therefore god did it.”. 7. Thus it is not a rational position to simply assume it which is precisely what you have done without engaging philosophical arguments such as these. The specific mechanism such as whether its hydrolysis, or condensation would need to be worked out based on actual observations and experimentation- hence it is not legitimate to say God did it. The whole goal of science is to set up a falsifiable scenario that controls all variables so that only one explanation makes sense, but allowing the assumption of the supernatural nullifies that. RNA is composed of four nucleotide bases: These four nucleotides are the building blocks of RNA. The fact that a physical medium (like light) is necessary for carrying some meaning/semantic content does not mean that the meaning being carried is derived from the physical properties of that medium. A red light represents stop; however that is not determined by the physical properties of light. Like the God of the Bible and the god of the Quaran. Thus, the rational position is clearly to operate as if a natural explanation exists, and, indeed, that is how all science operates. “Where did life come from?” It is a question people have thought about for millennia, and it is a question that is worth trying to answer. The earliest life on Earth existed more than 3.5 Gya (billion years ago), during the Eoarchean Era when sufficient crust had solidified following the molten Hadean Eon. In the ancient Greco-Roman world, it was advocated by some notable philosophers, such as Anaximander or Aristotle (History of Animals, Generation of Animals). The only things parents can do corporately and with unity is to fight the institution that has allowed this to go on for too long. We have made a lot of progress in understanding it, but we have yet to get all the pieces together and actually make a living cell. I wonder that because this topic has been extremely well studied with numerous enormous studies (the largest of which had over 1.2 million children), and they have consistently failed to find any evidence that vaccines cause autism. You say “chemicals inherently have information because of their electrons” not sure what this means. I won’t debate the existence of god here, but to directly answer your question, as I’ve talked about more elsewhere, I was raised in an extremely religious home, and was myself very religious until I got to college. ” In contrast, the nucleotide C has inherent properties because of the atoms that it consists of”. “Chemistry is intrinsically lacking in representation, language and coding capacities.” Again, that is a huge and bizarre assumption that is totally discredited by biochemistry. First let us review the structure of RNA. Regarding point 7, I truly fail to see how that argument is distinguishing between biochemical pathways in an organism and biochemical pathways in a puddle of primordial goo. PS I chose to respond rather than deleting your comments because I prefer not to censor people, but, as per my comment rules, I also want the discussions on a given post to stay on topic. The theory of evolution provides us with an explanation of how life started from a single-celled bacteria and diversified to the millions of species of animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 You have to provide actual evidence for those things rather than simply saying, “we don’t know, therefore god.” For every mystery that science has ever solved, there was a point in time when the answer was unknown. That’s why I keep putting the word “assumption” in quotes. That’s another unmerited assumption. You are a result of chemical reactions that are no different from interactions of oxygen and natural gas. Classically God has always been understood to be an explanation of the things like (1) existence of causal relations (2) the intelligibility and rational order of the universe – hence the universe was thought of as obeying laws because there is a rational law giver directing and sustaining it. Scientific explanations are not the only “natural” explanations there are. But it’s not abstract in its application. For an argument from analogy to work the two cases need to be similar in the relevant properties – it is not clear to me how the analogy works. 3. https://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/vaccineinjurytable.pdf. Think about a bacteria, for example, to completely bi-pass any discussions about dualism or consciousness. Imagine a lifeless Earth; violent volcanoes, lightning storms, nearly boiling oceans, frequent earthquakes, and an atmosphere with high levels of toxic gases. Lastly I do agree that a god of the gaps diminishes the role of God in creation by setting him up as a competing explanation to nature. Nevertheless, not everyone is interested in looking for that answer. Create your account. Imagine giving a DNA strand to a chemist who knows nothing about biology and asking them for a full analysis of all the properties DNA has. measles). - Defining Title by Deed, Promoting Student Responsibility for Learning, Introduction to Communications 101: Public Speaking.

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