to Jets for • 1991 seventh round pick (#137-Geoff Finch) on 1991-05-30, Traded • rights to Jiri Latal to Flyers for • 1991 seventh round pick (#138-Andrei Lomakin) on 1989-08-28, Traded • Steve Guenette to North Stars for • 1991 seventh round pick (#140-Matt Hoffman) on 1991-05-30, Received • 1991 eighth round pick (#157-Aaron Asp) from Maple Leafs on 1991-03-05 as compensation for waiver payment of Claude Loiselle, Traded • 1990 third round pick (#52-Al Kinisky) to Flyers for • Kevin Maguire • 1991 eighth round pick (#160-Dmitri Mironov) on 1990-06-16, Traded • Darcy Wakaluk to North Stars for • 1991 eighth round pick (#162-Jiri Kuntos) • 1992 fifth round pick (#106-Chris DeRuiter) on 1991-05-26, Traded • Brad Marsh to Red Wings for • 1991 eighth round pick (#164-Robb McIntyre) on 1991-02-04, Traded • Lou Franceschetti • Brian Curran to Sabres for • Mike Foligno • 1991 eighth round pick (#167-Tomas Kucharcik) on 1990-12-17, Traded • Ilkka Sinisalo to Kings for • 1991 eighth round pick (#174-Michael Burkett) on 1991-03-05, Traded • Max Middendorf to Oilers for • 1991 ninth round pick (#188-Brent Brekke) on 1990-11-10, Traded • Peter Sundstrom to Devils for • 1991 tenth round pick (#209-Rob Leask) on 1989-06-19. There's no doubt the Oilers could have used him on the wing. There … Based on how hyped he was as a prospect, anything short of number one on this list for the “Big E” means he was at least a slight disappointment. He enjoys sports, movies and TV... essentially anything except for real life. Stumpel was originally a 2nd round pick, selected 40th overall by the Bruins. As a compromise, the league agreed to award the Gund brothers a new NHL expansion franchise to be located in the Bay Area, which would become the San Jose Sharks. The 1991 NHL Entry Draft was held in Buffalo, and it was a special one because not only did it have an incredibly deep class of talent, but it was the year of Eric Lindros, who was then known as “The Next One.” Lindros was of course selected first overall that year by the Nordiques, and we all remember (if you’re old enough) how Lindros refused to don the jersey or sign with the club. Oct 23, 1990. pg. 264 Selections. Yanic Perreault was selected 47th overall in the 1991 draft, but knowing how his career panned out, we now have him pegged as a top 20 pick, at least in 1991. Or write about sports? A Stanley Cup eluded Stumpel, but he did enjoy some elite offensive seasons with the Bruins and Kings shortly after breaking into the league. It was tough to decide where to put Chris Osgood on this list. Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Monday, October 26, 7:32PM. Of all the players selected in the 1991 draft, Ray Whitney was the last one to retire. With the benefit of hindsi. Who knows? A total of 264 players were drafted. He went on to play 1,085 games with five different teams (primarily Buffalo). The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Hide trade details. Data Provided By “Steady” Steve Staios didn’t break into the league as a full-time NHLer until 1996-97, but once he did he stuck around for 15 seasons, amassing 220 points in his 1,001 career games. Hide trade details. He didn’t play in the NHL for an extraordinary amount of time—just 684 games—but, he finished his career with more than a point-per-game average (713 points). Sean O’Donnell was a calming force on the blue line for the better part of his 16-year NHL career. He was a first ballot Hall-of-Famer, and is one of just two players from the ’91 draft class in the Hall (Forsberg being the other). Zhitnik had decent offensive skills from the back end, registering 471 points throughout his NHL career. If Kovalev did go 7th in ’91, he would have been Vancouver Canucks property. And here’s the Next One, Eric Lindros. He's also widely known as one of the best faceoff men in NHL history. The Gunds paid $50 million for the Sharks franchise. Buy his book. He adds 123 playoff games to his already-impressive 796 regular season matches, and has a Stanley Cup to show for it (1999). Re-Drafting The Top 20 Picks From The 1991 NHL Draft 20 Scott Niedermayer - Quebec Nordiques. Scott Niedermayer was the true gem of the 1991 draft class. 20 total players would be selected, one from each franchise. 264 Selections … The draft was famous for the controversy surrounding star first overall draft pick, touted by some observers to be The Next One, Eric Lindros who was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques, but he immediately refused to sign a contract. All logos are the trademark & property of their owners and not Sports Reference LLC. It’s always a good time to look back at a draft from over 20 years ago and see what became of the players who were selected, and more specifically, where they were selected. With the benefit of hindsight, we can critique selections made by teams throughout the draft, and perhaps even marvel at some of the selections made in the deeper rounds. Alexei Zhitnik was originally selected 81st overall by the L.A. Kings in the 1991 draft, and that’s where he started his career in 1992-93. Martin Rucinsky was originally selected 20th overall by the Edmonton Oilers, but in our re-draft he goes at no.14. Most historical data provided by Dan Diamond and Associates. Not that Kovalev was without flaws, but his career numbers speak for him (1,316 GP, 1,029 points). The Sharks and North Stars would take turns selecting from the pool of unprotected players until each had chosen ten players. Much like Lindros, Forsberg’s career was also cut short due to injury. The draft was famous for the controversy surrounding star first overall draft pick, touted by some observers to be The Next One, Eric Lindros who was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques, but he immediately refused to sign a contract. These players were protected. Position. Logos were compiled by the amazing Lindros still dazzled in the NHL for the better part of 10 seasons, recording 865 points in 760 games. The 1991 NHL Entry Draft was held on June 22, 1991 at the Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, New York. May have been Canadiens option to swap 1990 first round picks. From the unprotected North Stars players (but excluding 1990 draft picks), the Sharks selected 14 skaters and two goaltenders. In 1990, as a result of slipping attendance, George and Gordon Gund, the owners of the Minnesota North Stars, petitioned the NHL for permission to relocate their team to the San Francisco Bay Area. Murray was originally picked 18th overall by Boston, which is where he played the bulk of his career. He eventually made the move to the Slovakian league, where he still plays today. Would he have been appreciated more in a Jets (and eventually Coyotes) uniform? Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. 1991 NHL ENTRY DRAFT. Among players moved before the start of the 1991–92 season were the following: The majority of the players selected did not have lengthy NHL careers; many of them ended up in the minor leagues. Other data sources include the Hockey Summary Project and Hockey Databank. If Rolston went one slot earlier like he should have, he’d have found himself wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey to start his career rather than a Devils jersey. A true class-act prodigy. The Canadiens originally took Brent Bilodeau with the 17th pick and it's safe to say Matvichuk is a huge upgrade. Ziggy Palffy was a lethal offensive threat throughout his whole career. The Sharks may have whiffed on the Faloon pick, but they sure nailed this one at 30th. 2 (NHL wire reports), Chicago Tribune Newspaper Chicago, IL. The dispersal draft took place to fill the roster of the league's only expansion team for the 1991–92 season, the San Jose Sharks, first from the Minnesota North Stars pool of players, and then from the rest of the NHL pool of players (to re-stock the North Stars' roster and to fill out the Sharks' roster). Previous Entry Draft Next Entry Draft. The players who appear on this list, however, had better careers than the players listed above. Some hockey portraits on this site are licensed from Images on Ice, Hockey’s Photo Agency. Steve is a writer and professional pessimist living in Vancouver, B.C. One of the conditions of sale and expansion deal was that the Sharks would have the right to draft players from the North Stars organization. You wouldn’t expect it at the time, but Forsberg actually turned out to be the better player of the two, and he went on to win two Stanley Cups with the Quebec franchise (in Colorado, of course). Traded • Mark LaForest to Maple Leafs for • 1991 sixth round pick (later upgraded to fifth round) (#91-Juha Ylonen) • 1991 seventh round pick (#138-Andrei Lomakin) on 1989-09-08 Jets Traded • Pete Peeters • Keith Acton to Flyers for • 1991 fifth round pick (#91-Juha Ylonen) • future considerations (cancellation of future considerations owed from trade involving Shawn Cronin) on 1989-10-03 Dispersal Draft: Before the draft, the North Stars selected 14 skaters and two goaltenders who had played at least 50 NHL games by the end of the 1989–90 season. 1991 NHL Entry Draft. Staios was originally a 2nd round pick, going 27th overall to the St. Louis Blues. But hey, concussions can do that to a guy. What followed was one of the biggest trades in NHL history which the Philadelphia Flyers used to acquire Lindros in the process trading away future superstar Peter Forsberg. (Spoiler alert: Stojanov does not appear on this list.) There was more to Whitney than just longevity, mind you; you don’t score over 1,000 points in the NHL unless you have some serious skill. Richard Matvichuk’s career wasn’t as long as the next couple of entries on our list, but he spent the bulk of it patrolling the blue line on a very talented Dallas Stars team—the franchise that originally drafted him. Team. It’s always a good time to look back at a draft from over 20 years ago and see what became of the players who were selected, and more specifically, where they were selected.

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